Meet the Sisters!

Twinkle Van Winkle holding a fan that says "Don't hide your magic"
Twinkle VanWinkle at Memphis Pride 2022

Sister Twinkle Van Winkle

Abbess, President

Sister Twinkle can be best described as fabulous glitter in sensible shoes. You can usually find her giggling too loudly or doing a little dance to the song playing in her head. Her mission is to use love, joy and silliness to encourage each person to enjoy every moment of life and to celebrate their unique self. Twinkle loves to hold hands, give big hugs and hear the dirtiest joke you can offer up! So always remember, don’t sleep through life, twinkle through it! It’s so much more fun!

Sister Kat Ion

Sister Kat Ion

Mistress of Novices, Vice President

Sister Kat Ion is Memphis’s leading Nun-Binary Chemistry Clown! They believe in living authentically and pursuing life passionately. Their mission is to make the world a better place one person at a time! You’ll find them answering the call of a queer nun by radiating positive energy into the community and working to ensure everyone feels that they matter.

Sister Squeegee Jubilee

Mistress of Vault & Script, Treasurer & Secretary

Sister Fluffy
Sister Fluffy
Sister Fluffy at Cooper Young Festival

Sister Fluffy Harrington

Sister Fluffy answered the call of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence on Easter of 2013. She places high emphasis on connecting people with resources in the areas of mental health and addiction recovery. If you find Fluffy, say hi, she certainly isn’t shy. She is whimsical, crass, and she has a little bit of sass.

Sister Mernerva

Sister Mergo La Sirène

Topeka, Kansas

I describe myself as a Two Spirit Jewish Bohemian Siren. I’m very much a kid at heart practically perpetually Peter Pan but as a Siren! I got my calling to be a Queer Nun and started my journey to serve my community in 2016 and have kept going since. My personal mission is to help make our community feel like a better place while help building personal senses of community because if you feel the support of at least one person when someone doesn’t have the support of their family at least they can feel better because of that one person!

Sr. Krisco at MoSH
Krisco at Pulaski Pride

Sister Krisco Kringle

International Nun, E.U.

My mission is to make the world a happier and better place and that starts with me. I find that my calling is to bring joy. If I can make one person feel loved and wanted, to feel special, I have done my work. In the process of becoming a Sister, I discovered that I enjoy the one on one interactions, approaching the soul that is sitting alone and just listening, sharing space in a loving and accepting way. I like holding hands, it is a great way to transfer love and positive energy. Come sit with me and lets hold hands and chat.

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