meet the sisters

Krisco Kringle


My mission is to make the world a happier and better place and that starts with me. I find that my calling is to bring joy. If I can make one person feel loved and wanted, to feel special, I have done my work. In the process of becoming a Sister, I discovered that I enjoy the one on one interactions, approaching the soul that is sitting alone and just listening, sharing space in a loving and accepting way. I like holding hands, it is a great way to transfer love and positive energy. Come sit with me and lets hold hands and chat.

Twinkle VanWinkle

Mistress of Novices
Vice President

Sister Twinkle can be best described as fabulous glitter in sensible shoes. You can usually find her giggling too loudly or doing a little dance to the song playing in her head. Her mission is to use love, joy and silliness to encourage each person to enjoy every moment of life and to celebrate their unique self. Twinkle loves to hold hands, give big hugs and hear the dirtiest joke you can offer up! So always remember, don’t sleep through life, twinkle through it! It’s so much more fun!

Iva Phallus

Mistress of Hieroglyphs

I am Sister Iva Phallus. I rise every morning ready to grasp the new day, willing to enthusiastically thrust myself into the work of the Sisterhood, freely sharing love wherever I go. I am firm in my daily devotion. Despite the ins and outs of the work I do, I have enough stamina to finish the job and come forth with joy!

Fluffy Harrington

Mistress of the Vault

Sister Fluffy answered the call of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence on Easter of 2013. She places high emphasis on connecting people with resources in the areas of mental health and addiction recovery. If you find Fluffy, say hi, she certainly isn’t shy. She is whimsical, crass, and she has a little bit of sass.

Kat Ion

Missionary Sister
Mernerva Albus Bellefeuille Siren

Topeka, Kansas

I describe myself as a Two Spirit Jewish Bohemian Siren. I’m very much a kid at heart practically perpetually Peter Pan but as a Siren! I got my calling to be a Queer Nun and started my journey to serve my community in 2016 and have kept going since. My personal mission is to help make our community feel like a better place while help building personal senses of community because if you feel the support of at least one person when someone doesn’t have the support of their family at least they can feel better because of that one person!

Missionary Sister
Hellen Damnation

Houston, Texas

My personal ministry is about encouragement: I’m here for those who don’t want to settle for what life hands them, those who are tired of avoiding risk, and those who are ready to take the chance of getting burned but need some support to reach for their dreams.

Missionary Sister
Velveeta VonTease

Louisville, Kentucky

Sister Velveeta, the cheeziest, is brought to you today by NUN other that Kraft-Hienz Company. If you warm her up she spreads evenly, if you leave her out on a shelf she gets all dry and crackly—it’s best to offer her a warm hug or a warm mouth—but nothing can replace the joy and unconditional love that she provides! She and her Latin lover Rotel live out their remaining years just down the road at your local supermarket.


how to become a sister

(in 4 not-so-easy steps)


This begins when you declare your intent to join at one of our general membership meetings. It lasts for at least two months; during this time you should be developing relationships with the Sisters, participating in our events and watching how we work and operate. At this stage you are not a member and have no rights within the Order. If we both decide that you are a good fit, you will need to get the Novice Mistress’ recommendation and select two Fully Professed Members to be your sponsors (we call them your Big Sisters). The Membership then votes on your elevation; if you get a majority vote you are elevated to Postulant.


As a Postulant, you are a Member of the Order although you still have no voting rights. In addition to continuing to further your relationships within the Order, you are required to attend all of our meetings, many of our events and you must spend at least six hours in our Archives learning the history of the Order. Your uniform is a white cassock and your makeup should be a “mask.” You cannot wear a wimple or veil. Postulancy last for at least six months. Near the end of that time, if the Order still agrees that you are a good fit, you will need to find a Fully Professed Member to be your main sponsor (your Mother). With the Novice Mistress’ recommendation and the sponsorship of your Mother, you will be brought up for elevation. Should you get the two-thirds vote required, you will be elevated to Novice.


The Novitiate begins to manifest the outward appearance of a Sister. A Novice wears the whiteface and wimple, although she is only allowed to wear a pure white veil. Despite this, the general public still perceives you to be a Sister and your interactions will radically change. The Novitiate lasts for at least six months. During this time you are a member without rights, you must attend every meeting, nearly all of our events and you must spend eight hours in our Archives. With your Mother’s help, you must also plan, organize and throw an event. Once you complete the requirements and have the Novice Mistress’ and your Mother’s support, you may ask to be elevated to Fully Professed status. As with the other steps, you will be voted upon by the membership; should you receive the three-fourths vote required, you will be elevated to Black Veil.

Fully Professed (Black Veil)

Although this is the last step in the formal process of becoming a Sister, it is the first step towards being a Sister. As a Fully Professed Member of the Order, you have all of the rights and privileges of a Member: you may vote, represent the Order and manifest as you feel called to do so. Fully Professed Members also may hold office and help shape the direction and development of the Order. Our Fully Professed Members serve the Order in many different roles; taken as a whole, they make the Order what it is.

Are you nun curious?

Contact the Mistress of Novices for more information on your journey to becoming a Blue Suede Sister.